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European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Travelling abroad?

Are you planning a trip to another European country? With the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you are covered for essential medical care and treatment in most of Europe. All the information required by a healthcare provider abroad can be found on this personal card. On one side are your personal details and the card’s expiry date, on the other information about Nationale-Nederlanden and the telephone number of our helpdesk. You can also call this number, +31 20 594 8070, from countries outside Europe in the event of an emergency.

When can I use the EHIC?

In the Netherlands, you simply use your Nationale-Nederlanden Zorgpas. This is the proof of insurance that you receive automatically from us. Your Nationale-Nederlanden Zorgpas is also available in the NN App. So you always have your card to hand.

The EHIC is for essential medical care when you are abroad temporarily. If you are in another EU/EEA country, it entitles you to essential medical care and treatment there on the same terms as people insured under that country’s national health insurance scheme.

Do you need medical care abroad?

If you seek essential medical care or treatment when abroad, the care providers at the hospital or clinic will always check that you are insured. With the EHIC, you can prove this immediately. Within the EU/EEA, this prevents you from having to pay medical charges upfront. And you also avoid incurring costs that we do not reimburse.

Planned medical care abroad

Are you travelling abroad because you intend to undergo medical treatment there? These costs are not covered by the EHIC and will not be reimbursed.

How long is the EHIC valid for?

The EHIC is valid for five years. If your EHIC is still valid but you are no longer insured with Nationale-Nederlanden, you can no longer use the card we issued. If you attempt to do so, you will have to pay the costs of your medical care yourself. Or claim them from your new health insurer. So always apply to your new insurer for a new EHIC if you terminate your cover with Nationale-Nederlanden.

In which countries can I use the EHIC?

You can use the EHIC in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus (but not Northern Cyprus), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. You can also use the card in Australia.

The EHIC is also valid in some territories outside Europe which are part of an EU country. These are the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla (Spain), French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Saint-Barthélemy and St Martin (France), Gibraltar (United Kingdom) and Madeira and the Azores (Portugal).

Apply for your free EHIC

The EHIC is personal. The card is valid for five years, but only as long as you still have health insurance cover with Nationale-Nederlanden. You can apply for your EHIC free of charge through Mijn NN Zorgverzekering.

Nationale-Nederlanden Helpdesk

If you need medical care during a stay abroad and you do not have an EHIC, you can apply for a substitute document from the Nationale-Nederlanden Helpdesk by calling +31 20 594 8070. This document provides the same benefits as the EHIC, but is valid only until the end of your current stay abroad (the stay during which you applied for it).