Benefits of our group
health insurance

Choose group healthcare insurance with Nationale-Nederlanden and enjoy the many extras we offer.

Group healthcare insurance

Nationale-Nederlanden offers group healthcare insurance with a range of attractive extras. One example is the discount you receive on the Zorg Vrij supplementary insurance policies. In most group contracts, you also receive additional reimbursements with Zorg Vrij. The overview below shows the additional reimbursements. Would you like to know if you are entitled to these reimbursements? You will see this directly upon applying for health insurance.

Already a customer? If so, you will see the extras in Mijn NN Zorgverzekering (My NN Health Insurance).

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Apply for your NN health insurance

Request your NN Zorg Vrij health insurance with this form. After completing the form, send the form to You can also call us at +31 26 353 53 53 and we will help you apply via phone. You can only apply for the Zorg Voordelig health insurance via phone or directly online.

A good basis

Health insurance that helps you live a healthy life and that you don’t have to worry about. This will help you face life’s challenges with confidence. Whatever situation you are facing, we are here for you. Which is why you can choose between two basic health insurance policies and several supplementary options.

Zorg Voordelig (contracted care policy)

€ 140,50 per month

  • Best rate of the two insurance policies
  • 100% reimbursed for healthcare providers with contract
  • 70% reimbursed for healthcare providers without a contract
  • Fit Pakket
  • Choice of 4 supplementary insurance policies

Choose Zorg Voordelig

Zorg Vrij (combination policy)

€ 147,00 per month

  • Most comprehensive coverage of the two policies
  • 100% reimbursed for healthcare providers with contract
  • 100% reimbursed for healthcare providers without a contract. 75% for GGZ, district nursing and physiotherapy without contract
  • Fit Pakket
  • Choice of 7 supplementary insurance policies
  • Potential group benefits

Choose Zorg Vrij

Additional reimbursements in our Zorg Vrij supplementary insurance policies

Benefits group healthcare Instap Start Extra Compleet
Physiotherapy 5 + 2 extra 6 + 3 extra 9 + 3 extra 24
Alternative treatments and remedies - - € 500,- (standard € 250,-).
Max. € 50,- per day
€ 1.000,- (standard € 500,-),
Max. € 50,- per day
Orthodontics up to 18 years - - 100% (standard 75%)
up to max. € 1.000,-
100% (standard 75%)
up to max. € 1.750,-

Fit Pakket

Standard with your basic health insurance in 2024

Those who want to get fit can use some support. That’s why Nationale-Nederlanden now has the Fit Pakket, which is full of extras. You can choose what suits you best.

  • Personal health check, from home
  • Sports medical check by a sports doctor
  • Discounts at the gym and on sportswear

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Package choice assistance

You can choose from two basic health insurance policies and several supplementary options from Nationale-Nederlanden. What suits you best? With the Pakketvinder (Package Finder), you find out in 4 steps.

Extra services for you

With Nationale-Nederlanden health insurance, you get access to many extra services.

Customer benefits

You get discounts on products and services that help you care for yourself and others.

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Waiting List service

With our help, you will sometimes be given an appointment for treatment sooner.

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Ask the doctor (Vraag de dokter) app

Would you like to receive doctor’s advice online? Ask your question using the app. There is also someone there to help you in the evening and at weekends.

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