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Frequently asked questions Mijn NN Zakelijk


Is Mijn NN Zakelijk available in English?
Yes, Mijn NN Zakelijk is also available in English. After logging in to Mijn NN Zakelijk, click ‘EN’ at the top right of the page to customize your language setting. On your next visit, you will automatically return to the English version of Mijn NN Zakelijk.
What is the Personal Records Database (BRP)?
This is the former Municipal Basic Administration (GBA). Nationale-Nederlanden may request the data of (prospective) participants in collective pension schemes from the Personal Records Database (BRP) in order to meet its obligations to implement the pension agreement.
What data from the Personal Records Database (BRP) is used by Nationale-Nederlanden?
We only use data needed to start and maintain participation in the pension scheme. For example, name and address details so we can inform  your employee about his or her participation. And civil status and the presence of children to insure survivor's pension.
I only see active participants in Mijn NN Zakelijk. Where can I find the non-active participants and their details?
You will only be able to see limited information about the non-active employees in the downloadable employee list. The list will be available for up to one year. Privacy legislation prevents us from displaying more information or have it available for a longer period of time.
Can I distinguish between viewing and mutating rights in Mijn NN Zakelijk?
Yes, this is possible. The main user can delegate ‘Full Acces’ or ‘Read Only’ rights to a user. If a user has ‘Full Acces’ rights he or she can make changes, this is not possible with ‘Read Only’ rights.
How can I create accounts in Mijn NN Zakelijk for my colleagues?

The main user is able to create accounts for colleagues in Mijn NN Zakelijk.

A guide to Mijn NN Zakelijk is available under 'Downloads' on


Why can’t I see partner and address details anymore?
We use an interface with the Personal Records Database (BRP) and we are not allowed to share the information we receive with third parties. We store the information in our records.
How can I allocate an employee to another employee category
This can be done by selecting the employee and choosing ‘Change employee group’.
How can I register an employee for a voluntary Anw shortfall pension?

First you add the partner in the portal. After that change has been validated by the system you are given the option to add a voluntary Anw shortfall pension.

When you want to unsubscribe an employee for the Anw shortfall pension, it is important to send an email to your client manager.


How do I submit a change to a part-time percentage for only one employee?
Select the employee you want to change the part-time percentage for and choose  ‘Parttime percentages changes’ in Mijn NN Zakelijk. Please take note that if only the part-time percentage is to be changed you do not change the salary. Otherwise the calculation will go wrong.
Why can’t I submit marriages and registered partnerships?
We receive these changes in civil status directly from the Personal Records Database (BRP). You do not have to do anything for this. There is more information in the Civil status and children event card. The guide to Mijn NN Zakelijk and this Event Card can be seen under 'Downloads' on
Why do I have to submit cohabitation?
We do not receive information about cohabitation from the Personal Records Database (BRP). Important: check yourself whether the partner meets the criteria in the definition of a partner.
What happens to mutations when an employee moves abroad?
If a participant lives abroad, we will no longer receive information through BRP about changes in civil status or address. Any subsequent relocations and changes in the civil status of an employee living abroad can be done by the employee in his or her own participant portal.
How can I apply for a value transfer for a new employee?
Your employee can submit this request themselves through the participant portal
Should an incapacitated employee also be reported out of service?
Only if an employee has been ill for two years you have to report it to us. We then assess whether there is a right to a waiver of premium. Your client manager will contact you via email with further instructions.