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Personal Pension Benefit

  • Tailored to your personal wishes and financial situation
  • Insight into your choices, compare benefits and request quotations in Mijn NN
  • Guidance in the selection process by your own Pension Coach

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The pension benefit that suits you

If you are retiring soon and an amount becomes available on your retirement date from which you must purchase a benefit, Nationale-Nederlanden is offering you the Personal Pension Benefit for this purpose. You can tailor this benefit entirely to your wishes and circumstances. The Personal Pension Benefit is in line with your pension at Nationale-Nederlanden, but is also interesting if you have accrued pension money elsewhere.

Applying for Personal Pension Benefit

Personal guidance: your Pension Coach

The Nationale-Nederlanden Pension Coach helps you to arrange your pension benefit. Your Pension Coach explains, for example, what steps you should take and what choices you have. If you are accruing or have accrued a pension at Nationale-Nederlanden, the Pension Coach will contact you in the final year before your retirement date. If you have accrued pension money elsewhere and would you like to know more about Nationale-Nederlanden's Personal Pension Benefit, you can always contact the Pension Coach yourself. Call your Pension Coach on +31 (0)10 513 01 05 on working days between 8:00 and 17:30. Or email to

Your choices for a suitable pension

When you retire, you have several choices. You can make choices about retiring earlier or later and (if you have a partner) for a partner’s pension. In addition, you can choose between a fixed Personal Pension Benefit and a variable one, where we invest for you. This allows you to tailor your pension benefits to your wishes and circumstances.

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Where do you buy your pension benefit?

You choose the pension provider from which you purchase your pension benefit. So you can choose the offer that suits you best. The level of benefit offered by pension providers may vary. One reason for this is that the level of pension benefits depends on the market interest rate. We too follow interest rates closely and can offer competitive rates.

Your retirement is still some way off? Sign up for the Pensioen Hulp of Nationale-Nederlanden

You will have to make several choices for your pension benefit at some time, such as choosing between a fixed and variable benefit. We will be pleased to help you with this, by, for example, Pensioen Hulp. This is an online tool that we offer from about ten years before your retirement date. You will receive useful information and tips about your pension several times a year. This information is geared to your situation and age. Pensioen Hulp is free of charge and without obligation, and is available to everyone from about ten years before the retirement date.

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