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Choosing your own investment funds

within your Persoonlijk Pensioen Plan, Pensioen Plus or Pensioen Continu Plan

Persoonlijk Pensioen Plan, Pensioen Plus and Pensioen Continu Plan are investment-linked pensions. If you have one or more of these pension schemes at Nationale-Nederlanden, we will invest your pension money for you. But you can choose how we do it for you. We invest for you by default in a lifecycle, but you may also be able to choose your own investment funds ('Self-investment'). You then take responsibility for your own pension investments.

Self-investment for another investment pension with Nationale-Nederlanden

If you have another investment pension with Nationale-Nederlanden, then you may also be able to choose investment funds yourself. This page does not provide more information about that, however. For more information on you options, go to:

  • Bewust Pensioen: log in to mijn.nn (via the button mijn.nn on the top right of this page).
  • Prestatie Pensioen: see the page Prestatie Pensioen (Dutch only).
  • Collectieve Beleggingsverzekering, NN-BedrijfsPensioen and BedrijfsPlusPensioen: see the page Mijn Beleggingspensioen (Dutch only).

What is Self-investment?

In the case of Self-investment, you can choose from the investment funds that are available within your pension scheme. This means you can determine exactly which kinds of investments suit you and you can always adjust your investments yourself. Before you inform us of your choice of fund, you must first establish your risk profile. This helps you decide how much investment risk suits you and whether it is best to reduce this risk to a fixed or variable pension benefit. We recommend that you choose funds that match your risk profile as closely as possible. However, you may also choose another option.

The investment funds you can choose from depends on the type of investment that applies to your pension scheme. The costs of Self-investment can also differ per type of investment. For more information about the funds and the costs, please see the page for your type of investment.

Remember: are you opting for Self-investment? If so, you will be responsible for choosing the investment funds that suit your wishes and your situation. Also, we do not automatically reduce the investment risk for you as your retirement date approaches. It is therefore important that you have enough knowledge and experience of investing to make a wise choice.

Can I opt for Self-investment in my pension scheme?

You can opt for Self-investment if your pension scheme is subject to 'extended investment freedom'. In the case of the Pensioen Continu Plan, you can always opt for Self-investment. In the case of Pensioen Plus, you can opt for Self-investment if you can also do so for your Persoonlijk Pensioen Plan (your basic scheme). For your Persoonlijk Pensioen Plan, you can find out if you have this option:

  • in tier 2 of Pension 1-2-3;
  • in your pension regulations (if you do not have a Pension 1-2-3 for your pension scheme);
  • at mijn.nn Financial Future, if you have access to it for your Persoonlijk Pensioen Plan. You can login to mijn.nn using the button on the top right of this page. If you click on the name of your pension scheme, you will be redirected to Financial Future. Then click on ‘Investment choices’ under ‘Go to’. When you have chosen your pension in step 1 and you see 'Would you like to select your investment funds yourself?', you then have extended investment freedom.

Remember: if your Persoonlijk Pensioen Plan includes the investment types Index-tracking and Actively Managed, you may not be able to use Self-investment even though you do have broad investment freedom. You can read exactly how this works by clicking on your type of investment below.

More information about Self-investment

Would you like to know more about Self-investment? Would you like to start investing with Self-investment? Or are you already investing yourself and do you want to submit a new fund choice? If so, click on the page below for your type of investment. There you will find all the information and forms you need:

Which type of investment applies to me?

The type of investment that applies to your pension scheme can be found in tier 2 of Pension 1-2-3 or in your pension regulations (if you do not have Pension 1-2-3 for your pension scheme). Under the heading 'How do you accrue pension' it appears in or just above the description of investing in lifecycles.

If you have access to mijn.nn Financial Future for your pension scheme, you can also access the appropriate page for Self-investment from there. Click on ‘Investment choices’ under ‘Go to’. In step 1, you will be redirected to the appropriate Self-investment page.

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