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Balanced Pension Plan

Attention: You could buy this product with us in the past. This is no longer possible. Do you have a Balanced Pension Plan? On this page you can read the most important characteristics of this product. Also, you can read where to find more information.

What is the Balanced Pension Plan?

You have a Balanced Pension Plan with Delta Lloyd. This is a defined contribution scheme. You use the total contributions paid in each year to buy a guaranteed pension. With a guaranteed pension the amount of pension you receive when you retire is fixed in advance. The actual pension amount depends on the total contributions paid in.

Costs of your pension

Your employer pays a monthly contribution towards your pension. Your employer determines whether he pays the entire contribution or if you should also pay a part. Your pay slip tells you whether you pay any pension contribution and how much you pay. You use your contributions to buy a guaranteed pension.

More information on your Balanced Pension Plan

Your Uniform Pension Statement (UPS), which you receive every year around September, tells you:

  • How much pension you have built up so far.
  • The pension that you can expect to receive when you reach retirement age.
  • The amount of partner’s pension and/or orphan’s pension if you die (if applicable). Click to find out whether your partner can get an Anw Survivor Benefit Pension from the state.

Your pension introductory letter tells you:

  • Which type of defined benefit scheme applies to you.
  • Which additional arrangements apply to you, depending on the choices made by your (former) employer.
  • Whether your pension is subject to an inflation risk.

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General information on pensions in The Netherlands?

Please find more information at Pensioen opbouwen in Nederland (Dutch only).