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Your pension environment mijn.nn Financial Future

With mijn.nn Financial Future you’ll gain insight to all your pensions, income and expenses for later in a single location. It’s that easy!

Nederlandse versie

Always insight into your pension with mijn.nn Financial Future

Our new pension environment, mijn.nn Financial Future, is available! Step by step we will add the pension products of Nationale-Nederlanden. This means that more and more pension members can use this new environment. New functionalities are added every quarter. More convenience and simplicity are always the starting point.

Insight, simplicity & convenience are the key

  • Always accessible via mijn.nn and the NN app.
  • Insight into all your NN pensions at one location.
  • Expected and required income in net monthly amounts.
  • More insight into your pension and pension choices, the easy way.
  • Add other pensions via
  • Add your own expected income, such as an annuity or savings.
  • A Nibud link is included to map out your expenditure on your retirement date, for an even more complete insight.

You can quickly see whether you'll have enough for your retirement

Have you received a message about the conversion to mijn.nn Financial Future?

See also the additional information about the new pension environment for your pension product.

Manuals for mijn.nn Financial Future

Looking forward to getting started in your new retirement environment? Use these practical instructions to navigate mijn.nn Financial Future even more easily.

Log in on for full details of your future income

Create your account on mijn.nn

You can activate your account quickly and simply using iDIN. This is a secure form of identification offered by your bank. Or request an activation

Creating an account

I already have an account

Just log in to it for your pension. Follow the instructions on the log-in page if you have forgotten your log-in details.

Log in on mijn.nn and click on your pension

This will take you to mijn.nn Financial Future. When you log in for the first time, you will see the income you can expect based on your pension and your state pension (AOW).

Add other income and pensions

Click on ‘Inkomsten toevoegen’ to add other income and pensions from other employers. You can do this manually or by uploading your pensions in
The way you can do this is shown in mijn.nn Financial Future.

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