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Merging pension pots. Is it worthwhile?

  • Different jobs often mean different pension pots
  • Merging these assets can make financial sense or be financially disadvantageous
  • Call our Ophelder Manager (Clarification Manager) or check yourself via the Ophelder Indicator (Clarification Indicator)

Nederlandse versie

Do the check and find out yourself whether you can merge pension assets

The check is interesting to do if you:

  • have had multiple employers where you accrued pension
  • are currently employed at an employer where you accrue pension
  • have pension assets at different pension funds or insurers

Step 1: Take your introductory letter or Pension 1-2-3
Step 2: Consult your Uniform Pension Statement (UPS) or log in to your personal pension page

Do the check (only available in Dutch)

Do you want to merge your pension assets?

You can submit this request to us via the value transfer form.

Value transfer form (only available in Dutch)

Answers by telephone to your questions on your pension assets

Call the Pensioen Ophelder Manager (Pension Clarification Manager)

  • Answers to questions about your pension assets without any obligation
  • Gain insight into your pension situation
  • This is free of charge
  • On business days between 8.00 and 17.30

Call the Pension Clarification Manager

You can also put your question about pensions to us via chat ( on Mondays through Fridays, from 8.00 to 17.30.

Value transfer: how does it work?

Value transfer starts with your new employer. He or she will inform you about the possibilities of taking your accrued pension with you. You can then inform your new pension provider whether you wish to use value transfer. It may take several months before the value transfer is fully completed. Read more in our information leaflet.